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posted by carlsberg
20 January 2022


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hi so i recently went to a counselling session in one of the dublin centres. i didn't find it overly helpful and thought id come away with more sense of relief (i have talked to close friends and my mam endlessly so i haven't bottled everything up) anyway i thought maybe its just more like an assessment 1st time, went again a couple of times with my partner in tow as weve had lot of issues throughout my treatment and recovery, and it really didn't help. i didn't find the counsellor suited us or helped, it actually made things worse..she kept saying she was here to listen, which of course was needed, thought shed be critical and dive in deep to sort isssues.. maybe im wrong in expecting that and we'd need a more particular counsellor? we both agreed she didnt help or suit.. so i didnt go again, i thought it be rude to ask them for a different counsellor

what do i do now? i still need someone proper to talk to, i feel my other half needs to go individually and potentially couples if he does solo sessions.. i looked up some private counsellors but at a glance i cant afford their rates.. im dublin/kildare, i had been going in person but zoom call would even be possible.. can i go out of county for help esp if its zoom?

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commented by Cancer Nurse
25 January 2022

25 January 2022 10:29

Good Morning

Thank you for posting a message on our online community. I am sorry to see that you have not had a reply from others yet. I hope you will soon.

It would be great if you could ring our support line and speak to a cancer nurse. We could chat on the phone about the different issues that have come up for both you and your husband and advise you accordingly. It would be possible to arrange to see a different counsellor. It is understandable that not everyone will be able to relate to every counsellor. 

I do hope we will hear from you. Our phone number is 1800 200 700 and we are here Mon-Fri 9-5pm. We are all cancer nurses here and we also have cancer nurses in many hospitals in our Daffodil Centres. You could arrange to speak to one of my colleagues in these centres, in person if you phone them first. They would also be able to advise you re counselling services.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

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