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posted by ladybird
26 August 2020

Children going back to school

Last reply: 5 months ago

Anyone else in a panic about kids going back to school. I haven’t started chemo yet.

Son starting back to school tomorrow and I am a nervous wreck. I am in a county that has relatively low numbers. But I still wonder should I keep them at home.

Although he has commented that he will wear 20 masks if it means he can go back to school.

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commented by Barbara26
30 August 2020

5 months ago

The whole Covid thing is adding so much pressure to chemo. I started round 1 last week, boys go back to school and college in the next week or two and we are all in a state of paranoia with duplicate clothes / uniforms to be washed every evening etc. Its just a whole new layer of paranoia isnt it?. At the same time can the world stop during treatment? probably not the best for you all mentally either. No answer for you I'm afraid but you are certainly not alone in your worries. Hope treatment goes well for you xx

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