Caring for someone with cancer
posted by Dave_M
17 March 2017

Support / Counselling after loss

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Hi all,

I want to accompany my dad to some form of support/counselling but am not sure of the options available.

My mum suffered from cancer for 5 years and lost her battle in November 2015. Since then, my dad has not sought any support but is ready now. Are there groups or sessions delivered anywhere in Dublin for people who've lost a loved one to cancer?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
23 March 2017

3 years ago
Dear Dave I am very sorry to read that your Mum died from cancer. You and your Dad must miss her very much. It will be nice for your Dad to have your support when he goes to see a counsellor If your Mum was under the care of the hospice team then that hospice will have bereavement counselling support. If your Mum didn’t have their involvement then the social worker in the hospital that she died in would meet with you and provide some counselling support. Alternatively if your Mum attended one of the affiliated cancer support centres then you could make an appointment with a counsellor in that cancer support centre You or your Dad can phone our Nurseline here at 1800 200 700,10-4pm if you would like to discuss this further.There is also a lot of useful information around bereavement/support on The Irish Hospice Foundation website
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