Grade 4 gbm

August 10, 2019 - 18:52

Hi all, looking for some advice! My mum has been recently diagnosed with grade 4 brain tumors. She has just completed 3 weeks of radiation and chemo (tablets at home). We haven’t been given a timeline or any useful information from the doctors just that they’ll scan her in a few weeks time. The palliative care have been great calling to the house etc but I have no details on what to expect, how long she will live, what to expect next and when I need to get more help in. Very hard to ask the doctors any questions as can’t chat in front of my mum. We’re all heart broken and have no information or clue who to ask so all suggestions welcome!

August 13, 2019 - 10:49

Dear Beckswhelan, Thank you for your post. Im sorry to read about your mothers diagnosis, it must be a very difficult time four your family. Please feel free to call us on our nurseline on 1800200700 and we can have a chat.

Kind Regards