Caring for someone with cancer
posted by Gersy
16 August 2019


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Anyone reading this who is also caring for a loved one with a gbm4 diagnosis?
It's heartbreaking to watch, in my case it's my husband and best friend. He's my hero. The rapid growth of his tumour in just a month left him in a wheelchair with no mobility on his left side. I am lucky to have home help, I wouldn't survive without it. The hardest thing now is preparing myself for life without him. I have some idea of what to expect as he declines, I can already see a dip in his strength and memory loss returning. He has had 6 weeks of radiation and chemo. That finished at the start of August. The uncertainty is difficult.. No one can tell you when major changes will happen. I pray for the strength to keep smiling for him and I thank God for every day. I miss him already as the disease robs more of his personality, at least he is not in pain. All he wants is to wiggle his toes, and of course stand up and walk. Maybe today I can make him smile. Small steps.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
19 August 2019

10 months ago

Dear Gersy, thank you for sharing your story.  Im sorry to read of your husbands diagnosis. As you said, it must be very difficult for you and your husband both physically and emotionally.  Im glad to read that you have home help in place to help support you both through this. Our Nurseline is available on 1800200700 if you would like to have a chat with a nurse for any advice or support. Kind regards

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