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posted by SHING
06 February 2022


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My father has stage 4 gliosarcoma and along with his communication skills deteriorating, the cancer is affecting his ability to move about safely (he gets confused as to how to sit from standing and struggles now to walk more than a metre or two independently. He is an amputee (one leg below know) and he has gotten around fine until now with prosthetic, crutches and using stair lift at home. I wonder if anyone knows of a resource to access a foldable wheelchair so we can help him when he needs to go to the car and from the car to another building, but also so we can talk him out for air. We are in Dublin City. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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commented by Cancer Nurse
09 February 2022

10 months ago


Thank you for posting on our online community. I am very sorry to read that your Dad is so unwell. It would be wonderful if you could get a foldable wheelchair to take him out for fresh air. I am wondering what healthcare professionals in the community are currently involved in his care and whether he has a medical card or not, so we can direct you.

If he has a medical card you could ask the public health nurse in the health centre closest to his address if she could arrange this.

Do phone our support line at 1800 200 700 and speak to a cancer nurse about this. We are here Mon- Fri 9-5pm and would like to help you with this query.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

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