Caring for someone with cancer
posted by Mrs G
15 October 2020

Vit C and Berberine

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Hi All,

My husband was last month diagnosed with cancer when he was sent to hospital with suspected pneumonia. He is in his 30’s, has never smoked, always been healthy and so far we are still waiting on biopsy results to determine primary cause but the doctors commenced him on an “aggressive” chemo course 2 weeks ago instead of waiting.
I am desperate to help him in any way i can and am reading a book called “how to starve cancer” and am keen to get him some good quality berberine which seems to be proven to work well with chemo. Also intravenous vitamin C has been shown to have massive benefits but i can only find a couple of clinics online in Ireland and i wonder if anyone here has experience with using either of these treatments in conjunction with chemo? And if so can you recommend a good brand and stockist of Berberine and a reputable intravenous vitamin c clinic?
Many thanks for reading.

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commented by Kathleen
16 October 2020

7 months ago

Hi Mrs G,

I am so sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis and of course I understand that you want to do everything possible to help him.

I had breast cancer 9 years ago with chemotherapy treatment and based on what I learnt then, I would definitely advise you to check with the oncologist before taking supplements of any kind. Chemo regimes have not been tested with all of the different supplements out there and unless the oncologist says to go ahead, you may be doing more harm than good by trying complementary therapies. Some supplements could reduce the benefits of the chemo by inhibiting its action. You just don't know. There are many chemos and many complementary treatments and it would be impossible to test all the possible combinations of treatment.

There are unfortunately lots of misleading claims made about cancer treatments. Your best source of advice is the oncologist. Stick with his advice.

Best wishes to you both


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