Caring for someone with cancer
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01 March 2021

Oesophageal Cancer

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My Father is 67 years old and was diagnosed in December 2020 with Advanced Oesophageal Cancer, we are devastated, my family’s lives are in turmoil and my father is trying to come to terms with a death sentence. He could not avail of immunotherapy drugs that are known to help slow the growth of tumours as these drugs are not available to him for the type of cancer he has. What is wrong in this country? Why are we so behind? Why do we let people die without offering them the best possible help and care they need as these drugs could have helped prolong his life. Medical Cannabis is another drug that might have helped prolong his life but you have to meet a certain criteria to avail of Medical Cannabis as it states on, my Father has nothing to loose by trying any of these drugs but he can’t. My Father is not a number, he has a human right to access best possible care which should include medicine/drugs. As I’m typing this my father is dying in a hospital on his own and my family are helpless as we can’t help him.

This is for my Dad xxx love you



commented by SheilaM
03 March 2021

1 month ago

I’m really sorry to hear about your Dad and his lack of treatment. This must be so awful for you all. Sending you good wishes & virtual hugs xxx

commented by abc@@@@1234
04 March 2021

1 month ago

Thanks 🙏 Sheila same to you xxx

commented by abc@@@@1234
08 March 2021

1 month ago

My Father passed away on the 7th of March at 9.24pm, we were lucky as he got to spend his last few days at home with his family and we took good care of him RIP Dad we will always love ❤️ you and never forget you xxxxx sadly missed by your family and many friends ❤️

commented by lisa123
11 March 2021

1 month ago

Very sorry to hear this , take care of yourselves and keep your dads memories close u will have them forever . Xx

commented by abc@@@@1234
13 March 2021

1 month ago

Thanks 🙏 Lisa xx

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