Caring for someone with cancer
posted by lisa123
11 March 2021

Mam recently diagnosed

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Hi, this is my first time posting here ,
my mam has recently been diagnosed with primary gallbladder cancer and liver metastasis.
They have said it’s serious but treatable but obviously we are all very worried for her .
She is starting chemo soon.
She is 73 and normally in great health but I’m so worried she won’t make it through .
Is this a good sign that they are even doing chemo ?
I wanted to ask the doctors more when we went in for her diagnosis but didn’t know how much to say in front of her .
They did say it’s stage 4.
Does anyone have any words of wisdom to help her and my dad and also how can we help her mentally get through the next while ?
Should we talk to her about it or distract her ?
Just want to help her as best we can .
Thanks all

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commented by LJH
03 May 2021

10 days ago

Hi Lisa,

Start a notebook of all the questions you need answered and yes ask the questions in front of your mam. Doctors will answer you honestly about it all. Its all very hard i know that but things do get better. As for talking about it some days she will need distraction and some days she will need to talk about it. You will know yourself. You arent alone in this. Im here if you need an ear ❤

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