Caring for someone with cancer
posted by biddyq
31 October 2020

apologies for negative post

Last reply: 5 months ago

Hi Folks I posted a few days ago and realise it was a bit negative and we don,t need that so apologies.

I am finding it very hard to cope at the moment as i watch my husband suffer.

Biddy Q



commented by Kathleen
02 November 2020

6 months ago

Hi Biddy,

Please don't feel you need to apologize. Your feelings are perfectly normal in this nightmare situation you are facing.

Forums like this are a good place to vent. People truly understand as they or their loved ones are in the throes of cancer treatment. Though we are not qualified to give you any guidance on steroids or other treatments, we are certainly here to listen. So when you need to unload that is fine. We all understand.



commented by biddyq
29 November 2020

5 months ago

Thank you.

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