Caring for someone with cancer
posted by Romybriem
24 September 2020

Advanced prostate cancer with liver and bone metastasis.

Last reply: 7 months ago

My husband has been battling prostate cancer for many years now. He is 62 and very determined and positive. I’m supposed to be his Carer but while I’m good at the medical stuff I’m rubbish at the emotional support. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety and feel so inadequate that I’m not stronger for my husband. I also have a lot of physical illness. Any one else feel like this?



commented by Cecilia
30 September 2020

7 months ago

Yes I feel like this too. I feel we're growing apart. I'm very upset and I feel very alone. I wish I had words if comfort but at least it might help to know you're not alone. I'm doing counseling for myself and i do find that this helps.

commented by Cancer Nurse
01 October 2020

7 months ago

Dear Romy

I am sorry that you are finding this so difficult. It must be awful for you to suffer with depression and anxiety and feel this immense pressure to provide emotional support. You might find it helpful to talk to us about your situation and maybe to talk to a counsellor also.

The fact that you are good at supporting your husband at a practical level is great and maybe you are putting too much pressure on yourself to also provide emotional support. Often just being a good listener can be of huge benefit and this might be something you could practice. We have nice books that I could post to you such as Lost for Words… with useful tips on listening.

Please do not hesitate to call our support line on 1800 200 700 if you would like to speak with a cancer nurse Romy, we can have a chat about your situation and provide information about supports available for yourself and your husband.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse.


commented by dubliner1978
03 October 2020

7 months ago

First off romy your husband knows you are doing your best for him .we are not all spring chickens anymore .like you I care for my partner who was recently diagnosed with having extreme nodulour melanoma cancer. Him like your hubby is the most positive person I know and I also have a few ailments to go along with this so not to be left out.I can guarantee that every little thing you do for him it makes him so happy ..why you ask because you are both going through it myself and himself .a good attitude goes a very long way keep up the fight xxx

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