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posted by Tammy001
01 May 2022

Cancer Advanced

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My father was diagnosed quiet recently with stage 4 advanced bowel cancer which is in his liver lungs and lymph nodes, he had a stoma bag fitted for the bowel, the oncology team said chemo would kill him so won't give, he has terrible back pain and we are in shock and helpless, he is in hospital but sometimes is incoherent and trying to get to speak to a nurse or doctor on the ward is difficult, we had to do all the chasing for answers as no team would call us or meet us, I am angry and upset, I'd appreciate any advice or help please

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commented by libra1975
04 May 2022

3 months ago

Hi Tammy, I am so sorry for you and your dad. My own dad was in hospital for 3 weeks last year, with no visiting. We were chasing after doctors too. There were days I spent all day beside the phone waiting for a call back. We were splitting it up between us siblings. I know its very stressful and tough, but keep at it, be adamant that you want a meeting with a specialist. We called the nurses station several times a day. I really know how hard it is. Maybe you can call the nurses on the helpline here, they could be able to give you further advice. Or drop into a daffodil centre.
I really hope you'll get the answers and support you need.

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