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posted by tesssa
06 June 2022

Breast surgery

Last reply: 7 months ago

Tomorrow I am going to have a breast lump removed at st Vincent's hospital and I am very scared, has anyone had this type of procedure and can share their experience?



commented by pamy
06 June 2022

7 months ago

Heya Tesssa I had a breast & lymph nodes removed end of last year. I was terrified going into hospital alone. No visitors aloud at that time & worried about what I'd think about my body then. But after the operation when I woke I was put up in a ward with the loveliest women & funny out too. I was in the the whole wkend & felt totally relaxed. And the hospital staff were so nice too. For me it ended up been the easiest part of my treatment. Very very worried before hand but after fine. I wish you all the best tomorrow.

commented by mariem
09 June 2022

7 months ago

Hi Tesssa,

Hope your surgery went really well for you. I had similar surgery in November and then back for two more surgeries in December (margins) and Feb (lymph nodes). I was terrified the first time but the nurses on the surgical day ward made it all so easy. They are wonderful people and I hope you had a similar experience. I found recovery time to be just a couple of days in bed and another 5/6 days taking it easy. I’ve only recently found the courage to touch the scars and they are not bad at all. Sending you every good wish for a speedy recovery and quick results

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