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posted by twig88
13 August 2022

Breast cancer & pregnant

Last reply: 18 August 2022 04:35

Hey, I am 23 weeks pregnant and got the news at 19 weeks that I have breast cancer.
I’m post op….lumpectomy and lymph node removal and got the good news today that nodes and margins are clear.
I am now facing the journey down the chemotherapy road and just wanted to see if there are any women on here who are pregnant or who had been pregnant while going through chemo? X



commented by missdaisy89
17 August 2022

17 August 2022 20:54

Hi Im 19 weeks pregnant and have just been refered to the breast clinic as i found a hard lump in my breast im so worried I'm not exactly in the same position as of yet but am extremely scared ! do u mind me asking how was your breast cancer discovered? im pregnant too i really hope your ok

commented by twig88
18 August 2022

18 August 2022 04:35

Hi, Congrats on your pregnancy and sorry to hear you’ve found a lump but you’re deffo doing the right thing getting it checked.
Like you I found a lump and went to my gp who referred me to breast clinic . It did take a few weeks and apps to get scan and biopsy and the results, so if you’re doc could request to get all those done at your first app you’re better off as the waiting and the not knowing was just awful!

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