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posted by shaunthesheep80
14 October 2021

Terrified of a test

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Recently had a smear, which was negative. GP referred me to gynaecologist. This happened previously due to cervical ectropian. Went for appt today expecting a colposcopy. But it was a consult. GP saw dark lesion on vagina, and consultant booked a biopsy for two weeks and mentioned ruling out melanoma. He said it was rare, but didn't mention any alternatives for what it could be. This was totally unexpected, and I am freaking out. Stupidly googled it. I have 2 young kids, thinking the worst. I'm terrified

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commented by Cancer Nurse
15 October 2021

1 month ago


Thank you for contacting the nurses.

I am very sorry to read about all you are going through. It is a highly stressful time waiting for biopsies to be performed.

As our doctor did mention, this type of melanoma is rare. They do need to be assured that this is not anything sinister and this is why the biopsy is needed.

You might find it helpful to speak with one of the nurses on our Support Line about this. Our Support Line number is 1800 200 700, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm.

Kind regards,

Cancer Nurse

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