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posted by Clairecluck
25 May 2020

Referral to Breast Clinic

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Hi there,

I felt an unusual burning sensation in my left breast last week and upon inspection, felt what I thought to be a pea like lump. I immediately made an appointment with my doctor.

When she examined me, she discovered something separate to my pea like lump deep in the flesh and said she found what she described as a bump rather than a lump there that was not on the right breast. She did not appear worried at all but said she would make the referral regardless.

I got a call from the breast clinic the following day to say that I had been classified as urgent and would be seen in the next two weeks. I'm glad to be seen quickly, however, I'm worried now as the doctor did not appear concerned in the slightest but the consultant has deemed me urgent.

I suppose I'm just looking for any sort of reassurance or information as to what is deemed urgent and why it appears to differ to the impression my GP gave. I'm a 38 year old btw.

Many thanks for taking the time to answer,


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commented by Cancer Nurse
26 May 2020

1 month ago

Hi there, thank you for posting this question regarding the urgent classification of you breast lump. For women needing to be seen in the Breast Clinic, the referral pathway in place guides that if a woman presents with a palpable lump, the GP is to submit a referral to the breast clinic marked urgent. This is regardless of whether the GP thinks  this it is “worrying” or not . This will allow these women to be seen within a two-week time frame. Women with other breast issues such as breast pain are given a non-urgent referral. They will be seen within a 6 weeks to 3 months’ time frame.

I hope this information helps ease your mind a little. It may also help to talk with one of the Nurses on the CancerNurseline on 1800200700.


Kind Regards

Cancer Nurse

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