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posted by LauraE135
06 January 2022

Mass found in colon

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Hope this is okay to ask here, I'm looking for some guidance re results.

Sorry if this is long winded!

15 months ago, I had my gallbladder removed. Prior to surgery, I really cleaned up my diet as I was quite overweight (mainly bc I was so sick if I ate anything fatty) and upped my fitness. I lost near 2 stone in 2 years. When I had it removed I felt amazing, the gallbladder pain was completely gone. I started to eat a bit more freely and stopped loosing weight but also wasn't gaining.

Fast forward about 6 months from gallbladder removal, I started to feel sick again. I had loose stools daily, serious urgency for toilet and colicky pain all over my abdomen. I put it down to my body getting used to no longer having a gallbladder. Then I noticed I was loosing weight, I thought great as I had wanted to lose more. The stomach pains and the lose stools just kept getting worse. I could barely leave the house without fear of where a toilet would be. My stools are often very dark (not black but dark) and tarry, with sometimes mucus. I put off going to the dr for many many months as I had a very sick family member who was my priority. My family and partner all had a chat with me as they were concerned about the weight loss, I was down 2 stone in less than 10 months with basically zero exercise and vomiting on and off and still having toilet issues that were getting worse.

I made an appt in November with my GP(it was my first time with this GP as she is new to the practice). My GP said that the weight loss, toilet issues and pain were slightly concerning. She sent me a referral for ultrasound, colonoscopy/EGD and bloods. All bloods were normal, incl. coeliac disease. Ultrasound was also normal apart from gas obstructing parts of pancreas. I then had my colonoscopy mid/end December. I was given the report/finding sheet after but not much was said. There was a total of 16 biopsy taken, no polyps found but they did find a mass at cecum, 2-3cm away from appendix. It was said that I need a CT TAP to characterize and that I need to see my consultant(I haven't met him yet as the coloscopy was in a different clinic and my appt was rushed through) with biopsy results and CT results by February. They also took FLT bloods, U/E, FBC, which worried me bc they didn't seem to do that for anyone else.

I completely put to back my head for Christmas and didn't give it a thought. I rang my GP yesterday for my results. She asked had the DR discussed and I said that I received the findings but no one talked me through them. She went on to say that only some the biopsy results were back and that they were normal. She then asked me did I know a mass was found and I said yes should I be concerned. She said well yeah it is kind of concerning, which absolutely floored me as I had just been ignoring it so far(coping mechanism) I then said I haven't received a CT appt and she urged me to contact my consultants secretory asap. I rang the secretory today who was very nice and as soon as I explained to her she told me the biopsy results has just come back this morning. And that she will arrange my CT and APPT for as soon as possible.

I was happy enough with that but then started thinking about it too long and thought okay if they have the biopsy results then surely that will tell a lot and they should let me know.

So my questions are:
1) Would it be appropriate to ring the consultants secretory again and ask where and when I will receive biopsy results? as I'm so anxious I just want to know now or would my GP also have them now, would it be possible to ring them for the results?
2) If biopsy is (hopefully)good news why would I need a CT TAP? is this standard to organize CT TAP regardless?
3) What are the possibilities this mass could be?
4) Has anyone else had a similar experience?
I cannot imagine waiting much longer for results bc its driving my crazy since I spoke to my GP

Sorry for being so long winded! Anyone reading this with concerns for their health, please please go speak to your GP, do not put it off like it did.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
07 January 2022

7 months ago

Hi  LauraE135,

Thank you for posting on the Online Community.

I am sorry to read about all the health difficulties which you have had over the past number of years. You have had a lot to contend with over the past few years and I hope that we can support you. It may be helpful for you to call the Support Line and we can discuss all of this in full with you. Our Support Line number is 1800 200 700, Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm.

You asked if it would be appropriate to ring the consultants secretary regarding asking when you will receive the biopsy results. Yes it is appropriate to ring and find out when you will have a clinic appointment to get the results of the biopsies. Your GP may not have received all the biopsy results yet but you can contact them to enquire if they have.

There are a number of reasons why they may want to perform a CT TAP. They may have organised it to detect if there are any diseases or injuries which may explain your ongoing symptoms.

The biopsy was performed on the mass to help determine what it is. We cannot accurately determine what it is until they are back. I do hope that you will not be waiting too much longer for the results.

You are absolutely correct in saying that anyone with health concerns should get these reviewed.

I do hope that you are able to contact the Support Line and that we can discuss all of this in full.

Kind Regards,

Cancer Nurse

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