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posted by rubyfluff2020
16 November 2020

Lump in breast 3-6 month wait

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Hi,I found a lump 4 weeks ago. Its movable but hard pea size. Go thinks could be a cyst and sent referral. The hospital has 6 month wait as she didn't deem it as urgent. The nurse also told me not to keep checking it. She send to another hospital last week after I called her and its 3 month wait for mammogram.
So hard to know should I just wait or go private for mammogram. Its hard not to think about it. Do gps know when a lump is cancer by feel of them? Thanks in advance



commented by Cancer Nurse
16 November 2020

3 months ago

Hi rubyfluff2020,


Thank you for sharing your story.  When a lump in the breast is found, it is often a very worrying time, many women describe the wait time for tests and the results as very stressful, thankfully most breast lumps are non-cancerous, but it is important to have them checked out.   You have mentioned in your post its hard not to think about, it’s understandable to feel this way and it may help to talk to family and friends so they can support you.

Although your GP cannot know definitely that it is a cyst, it is reassuring that after examining the lump that she believes it could be a cyst.  When your GP sent your referral in, a specialist breast care nurse will also examine this to determine if you need to be seen urgently, all breast clinics follow guidelines for referral’s, I have attached these here.

It may help to give us a call so we can talk about your situation in more detail, our support line number is 1800 200 700 and we are available Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.


Kind regards,


Cancer nurse.

commented by VC
21 January 2021

1 month ago

Did you manage to get an appointment yet? My referral was sent in Oct and again in Dec (urgent) and still now appointment.

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