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posted by Aerlingus02
28 October 2020


Last reply: 3 months ago

I had my last chemo on the 25th of September. Although I didn’t lose all my hair it thinned out a lot. When should I expect it to stop coming out??



commented by Cancer Nurse
29 October 2020

3 months ago

Hi Aerlingus02,

I’m sorry to read that you had chemotherapy this year, I hope that you have been keeping well since.  Hair loss can be a very distressing side effect from treatment, it may continue to fall out until a few weeks after treatment is finished and usually starts to regrow within three months.  I have attached a link here to our website with further information about hair loss and some tips that may help.  Please do not hesitate to contact our support line on 1800 200 700 to speak with a cancer nurse for any information and advice.

Kind regards,

Cancer nurse.


commented by Aerlingus02
29 October 2020

3 months ago

Thank you for you reply and advice.

commented by carac
05 November 2020

3 months ago

I finished chemo at end of July with still some spikes left but i kept losing it for a further 4-6 weeks but then it started to grow back
My kids tell me my hair now looks a bit like Mike Pense (Vice President person)

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