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posted by biddyq
29 November 2020

Gurgling sounds and diarrhoea

Last reply: 2 months ago

My husband has been having diarrhoea and very loud noises in the bowel. He has oesophegeal cancer with boney mets. Had dilation of Oesophageou s last fri week.
Thanks so much

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commented by Cancer Nurse
30 November 2020

2 months ago

Hi biddyq,


Thanks for posting and I’m very sorry to read that your husband has Oesophageal cancer with bony mets, it is understandable to feel worried about your husband with all that is happening and after his procedure.  There can be many causes for diarrhoea, we would recommend to contact your husbands doctor or their nurse specialist for advice, they will be able to assess what is happening for your husband and if this is to be expected.  Diarrhoea generally is not a side effect after this procedure, however you should keep an eye out for any blood in the stool or if it is black or tarry as this may be a sign that there is bleeding.  I hope this information is helpful.


Kind regards,


Cancer Nurse


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