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posted by Tomorrow
08 September 2020

Breast lumps

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Hi there I’ve been referred to breast clinic for mammogram for painful breasts with lumps . Gp said she isn’t concerned overly as she thinks it’s fibrocystic breast syndrome , however not only has she referred me for the screening she has sent off a referral to the breast specialist . I’m wondering if this is usual ? The more I think about it I wonder if this means she is more concerned than she seemed . Thank you I’m just very worried .

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commented by Cancer Nurse
09 September 2020

21 days ago


I am sorry you have this concern at the moment. It is normal to be referred to a symptomatic breast clinic. A referral to a breast clinic involves an assessment by a breast surgeon who examines your breasts and decides should you also have a mammogram and/ or an ultrasound of your breast. This assessment usually happens in one day so most patients know their results same day. It is good that your GP is not overly concerned and feels it is cysts and it will be reassuring to hear this too from the breast surgeon. We wish you the very best and do phone our support line and speak to a cancer nurse if you need further reassurance at 1800 200 700 Mon-Fri. 9-5pm.

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Cancer Nurse


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