Testicular cancer
posted by Maverick Joey
27 April 2019

Lump on skin of prostate

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Before I talk to my problem. I am a 23 years old.

I just noticed it today that i have a lump on my testicle. . I mean the outside skin of the testicle. It hurts a little when I touch it. I believe this would be just a normal pimple but I am just worried.The colour of is red not too red just like a pimple red Also, I have this little red ones when it touches it hurts but it did not form any lump on my pelvis where the above of my private parts and the pubic area.

Lets be clear that I do not have any symptoms and I have just found it today. I checked my gland on neck but it did not grow or anything.

I am still looking for personal consultation but I just want to have advice on this problem.

I hope you could help me.

Thank you for the time.


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commented by Irish Cancer Society
03 May 2019

3 years ago

Dear A, Thank you for your post. We would suggest visiting your GP, they will do a clinical examination and from there they may send you for further tests such as an ultrasound. The Nurseline is available on 1800200700 if you would like any advice,

Kind regards

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