Testicular cancer
posted by navanman
21 February 2017

Importance of getting checked

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Hi all,
I don't know if anyone will see this given the last post to this community was 5 years ago. I just want to highlight the importance of getting checked out by your GP if you have even the slightest hint of a concern. If it does turn out to be nothing, all it has cost you is a single GP fee and what is that for the peace of mind you would then have. If it is something of concern, catching it early is vital. Thankfully I went to a GP the moment I felt like something might not have been right. From the moment I saw the GP things moved along rapidly. I saw the GP on a Monday, had an ultrasound on a Tuesday, and saw a Urologist on a Thursday and two weeks later I went in for surgery. I found out post surgery that it was stage 1 testicular cancer. I am now being closely monitored by an oncologist to ensure it doesn't come back. The monitoring process does add a certain amount of peace of mind in itself as I feel if anything appears, it will be found quickly. Throughout the process I have also had support from family and friends which is also a help.



commented by Luckyman
12 August 2018

3 years ago

Hi. I had a very similar story. Went to the doc when I noticed a change. Had ultrasound then consultant then surgery. Very worrying until had 1st CT post opp and then was given all clear.....but will be going for CTs for nxt 5 years. Was told I got it very early. Please guys dont delay in going to doc, its very curable when got early

commented by Irish Cancer Society
13 August 2018

3 years ago

Dear navanman,

Thank you for your post and sharing your experiences. It can be very encouraging and reassuring for others to hear from those who have had treatment in the past. I hope you are well, please contact the nurseline if you would like to  speak to a nurse.

Best wishes,

Cancer nurse

commented by jimtallaght 2020
16 August 2020

1 year ago

Hi Guys,

Very similar story to my own. Recently found a lump on my left testicle which I attributed to a recent trauma to the area. (Thought it was swelling). After a number of weeks the lump became hard, at this point I went to the GP. He sent me to the emergency room, went for an ultrasound the following day, a CT on the Monday, an MRI on the Tuesday and had surgery on the Thursday. Currently on surveillance, with bloods and CT needed in four months and then every six months for five years hereafter. Completely managable treatment pathway given the circumstances. We caught it extremely early- stage 1. Still in shock to be honest- never thought it would happen to me!

Thank you for the post. I find reading stories from other people comforting- feels like I'm not in this alone!

Best if luck to you both!

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