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posted by DeclanS
01 December 2023

Skin Biopsy Results Delay

Last reply: 08 December 2023 14:44

Hi, my dentist noticed a suspicious looking mole behind my ear and referred me to an oral & maxofacial consultant. After review he removed the mole on the 24th October and advised it would be about 4-5 weeks to get results back. My stitches were removed after 10 days and they made an appointment for me for today (5 1/2 weeks after removal) to receive results. Today at my appointment they told me the results weren't back yet and have booked me in again for the 12 December.
Is it usual to take this long to get results, or is it a bad sign, I.e. sample being sent for further review ?



commented by Bee23
07 December 2023

07 December 2023 10:13

Hi Declan. I don't have anything to add unfortunately - I came across your post when googling about the same issue. Although, mine is only 15 days since excision today and the plastic surgery nurse told me to expect results in anything from 3 to 5 weeks. From my own research, longer waits for results can possibly mean that the sample had to be sent on to pathologist for staging after confirmation of malignancy, but in saying that, it could well be just a simple delay in lab and nothing to worry about.

commented by DeclanS
08 December 2023

08 December 2023 14:44

Thanks for your reply Bee. I had the same thought about sending for staging etc. following my own research, but as you say, it could just be a delay in the system.
I wish you well with your pending diagnosis.

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