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posted by Elaine H
07 February 2020

Mole biopsy wait time

Last reply: 2 years ago

Hi everyone, I had a mole excision on 28th of January. My consultant was concerned it could be melanoma. She said 10-14 days for biopsy results. Currently 11 days. My friend tells me I'm silly to worry as I would have heard by now if it was bad news.

Just wondering if anyone had any experiences with wait times and if cancer diagnosis meant expedited results?

Many thanks, Elaine



commented by Cancer Nurse
17 February 2020

2 years ago

Dear Elaine,


Thank you for posting.  Having a biopsy or any tests done can be a very worrying time.  Generally, results can take two to three weeks to come back regardless of what the result may be, a cancer diagnosis does not necessarily mean that you would get your results quicker.  Please call the Nurseline on 1800200700 if you would like any further advice,


Kind Regards

commented by marzipan4791
16 March 2020

2 years ago

I had a mole removed on 15th January 2020. I only got my results on 25th February 2020. Unfortunately, it was a melanoma. I have to go for further procedures now. The entire mole was removed in my case, it wasn't just a biopsy.

commented by Stephanie
24 July 2020

2 years ago

I was phoned to come in to get my results after 2.5 weeks...

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