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posted by Itsme1307
20 December 2019

Excision biopsy

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A few weeks ago I noticed a black dot on the inside of my arm. My gp referred me to dermatologist who I saw last week and today I had an excision biopsy. I photographed it over the past 4 weeks and it has changed so rapidly. I know I’ve had it removed now but the wait for results is terrifying. Trying to keep my mind off it but can’t help but get consumed by the ‘what if’s’
It was very small, black and raised, jagged edges but filled out over past few weeks and became darker. I’m a single Mum so I’m just worried about the possibilities. Now with Christmas I know the results will probably take longer. Anybody have any idea? Or advice? Or been through similar? Thank you

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
23 December 2019

7 months ago

Dear Itsme1307

I am sorry to read of the distress you are experiencing while waiting for the results of your biopsy. There are nurses covering the Nurseline today and on Friday 27th , Monday 30th   and Tuesday 31st  December if you would like to talk to them. They can be contacted on 1800 200 700 between 10 and 4 pm.  

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