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posted by bekyxo
29 February 2020

The hospital is taking over a year to diagnose my dad

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Hi all,
Looking for some help or advise about my dad I'm so worried. He was in his gp doctors and hospital last year got bloods done and there was abnormalities in the PSA bloods he got done. He got called back to have more bloods done and the PSA was rising and then went for a physical examination and the doctor told him that it was 70% chance that its Prostate Cancer. He then told him that he would be screened for MRI and a Biopsy. Months and months no phone call or letter for an appointment that he was told would be soon. It's been over a year now and he has still not been seen for his Biopsy or MRI and I am so worried that hes going untreated this past year, he doesnt feel well(and he never says that unless he genuine feels unwell) and that the Tumour will be spreading. It makes me so angry and worried about it all as I love my Dad so much he is only 57 and I would like if he could be here with us for a long time but not sure will this happen. This is Waterford University Hospital that is doing this and forgetting about him somehow!
Anyone that can help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
10 March 2020

1 year ago

Dear Bekyxo,


Thanks for posting. It can be a stressful waiting on tests and investigations and it is normal to worry about how long it can take. .  There are many conditions other than cancer that may cause a change in your fathers PSA levels, we will not know for sure until he has the biopsy and MRI.  Perhaps your fathers GP can get in touch with the hospital to push for a date for the tests.  Please call the Nurseline if you would like to speak with a nurse for any advice or support,


Kind Regards


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