Prostate cancer
posted by Karen Crossley
31 August 2019


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My husband has level 2 prostate cancer which thankfully has not spread but he is due to have it operated on the 25th September. He was thinking of delaying due to the following issues we have, he recently retrained at 58 to be a health care worker hense the diagnosis been caught early. He cannot claim illness benefit due to not enough stamps been paid in 2017/18. I earn too much when means tested.We are plowing through paperwork for emergency medical card as hospital bill over €800 when done.He has a timer countdown on his phone is very moody and blames me for everything.Everywhere we turn we hit a brick wall.Im just sad i cant fix this and cant help him. To make matters worse i am due to go away with my mam for a couple of days and back day before he is due to go in he will not let me cancel it. Im lost and tearful

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
04 September 2019

5 months ago

Dear Karen


Thank you for sharing your story on the online form, Im sorry to read of your husbands diagnosis, it must be very difficult for both of you. The financial impact of cancer can cause huge stress on those affected on top of the stress and worry of a cancer diagnosis. Please feel free to call our Nurseline where we can have a chat and advise of support services available,


Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

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