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posted by Rosaliemcfall
19 August 2020

PSA rise after 6 months on hormone treatment

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My 84 year old father was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer in January, which had spread to the pelvis and right femur. There was no biopsy so we have no Gleason score. His PSA was 31 and it dropped to 1.97 three months after his first hormone injection. But today he went for his second injection six months after starting treatment, and the PSA has risen to 4.9.
We now have to wait for an oncology appointment and scans etc. We're worried sick.
Has this happened to anyone else and what did that mean for you?
Many thanks.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
25 August 2020

2 years ago

Dear Rosalie

I am sorry you have this worrying and if you could phone our support line and speak to a cancer nurse we could discuss with you the options your Dad’s team may be considering for him. Meanwhile if you would find it helpful to read our book on metastatic prostate cancer you can do so here

Kind regards

Cancer nurse.

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