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posted by Mikey1965
03 August 2021

Post radiation fatigue

Last reply: 04 August 2021 16:18

Hi there, I wondered if anyone else has felt bouts of fatigue post radiotherapy? I finished treatment in the middle of March and I’ve noticed I still get intermittent spells of fatigue.



commented by lecky
03 August 2021

03 August 2021 22:26

Yes, I did. I think it's very common to feel like that. It started towards the end of the treatments and then got worse for the weeks afterwards. I'd feel so tired if I dropped something on the floor, I wouldn't have the energy to pick up it up. But it does get better.

commented by Marty65
04 August 2021

04 August 2021 02:14

Yes. Very definitely. I finished radiotherapy last December and was tired for quite a while. It does go away but there are days, even now, that I could stay in bed I'm that tired.

commented by Mikey1965
04 August 2021

04 August 2021 16:18

Thanks so much, it means a lot to know others have felt the same!

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