Prostate cancer
posted by Baz
28 January 2021

Parent who has cancer

Last reply: 24 March 2021 01:04

Hi everyone,

I am new to the site. It's nice to have a bit of extra support in these times. My Dad is starting his Prostate Cancer treatment next week for 2 months. I'm anxious and worried about the road ahead. I'm reaching out on here as I can't talk to him about how I'm feeling. I hope things will go really well for him. I love him with all my Heart and we lost my Mam 2 years ago and with the whole Covid thing it's extra challenging on everyone. Thank you for reading my post.



commented by ari2020
02 February 2021

02 February 2021 22:37

Hey Baz,

I just wanted to say I saw your message and have been thinking of you.

I'm not sure I'm any use in the support department, but wanted you to know you are not alone, as there don't seem to be any chatter boxes like me on this forum :D

I've been hanging out here in the Breast Cancer forum while on chemo.

I think it's harder emotionally for my Dad than for me, cause like you he's worried and doesn't talk to me about it. We also lost my Mam to a different cancer, though 20+ years ago.

Part of me is glad he is being strong to my face, because I don't hack seeing him upset very well. Gives me courage to know he is getting by, especially when I haven't seen him in person in months. (I decided it was 'essential' to travel intercounty to go tell him my diagnosis in person last lockdown).
We live in different counties and there is Covid and Chemo side effects making travel hard even when it was allowed.

I hope week 1 is going well and I'll have ye in my thoughts, may it be manageable and work the way we all hope it will.


commented by Baz
10 February 2021

10 February 2021 15:14

Hi Ari,

Thank you very much for your kind words of support. I wish you well in your own recovery. It's so nice to be able to chat with someone who is going through a similar experience. God Bless you Ari and I'll light a candle for you. The first couple of weeks have been tough going on my Dad. He was a paramedic for 35 years and looked after my Mam through her illness of 28 years. He is sad and angry about how life had dealt him such a cruel blow with my Mam and now suffering with his own health only a few years since she has passed. He is only 71 and very young at Heart. I hate to see him go frail and weary in himself. I'm keeping the sunny side out as best I can. I always try and go with the half glass full approach in life. Here's to better days ahead for us all Ari. May you be happy, healthy and safe always and forever kindest wishes Barryx.

commented by ari2020
24 March 2021

24 March 2021 01:04

Hey Baz, thanks for your well wishes! Hope ye are doing as ok as possible.

I've finished my chemo and in the soon to be chopped up phase (please excuse my humour but I try to keep upbeat about it with jokes :D)

It can be hard to look past things when so much hasn't been as we would have wanted.

I suppose I get that way too sometimes, there have been lots of lemons in life.

Thinking of ye.


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