Prostate cancer
posted by Cancer Nurse
01 November 2023

November-Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

No question too big or too small.

The Irish Cancer Society has experienced cancer nurses on our support line. They are there to answer any question about prostate cancer. They will provide advice information and support to both men and their partners/family or friends on any query regarding prostate cancer.

And there are many questions…

It may be ‘what age should I start discussing the PSA test with my GP

What is the PSA test

What if my father/brother had prostate cancer

You may have questions about the treatment and the side effects of treatments and how to manage them

It may be practical questions around local support or transport to hospital.

You may wonder why women are called for screening and not men- this is something our cancer nurses can explain.

We can inform you about Prostate Rapid Access Clinics around the country- who they are for and how the referral system works.

Or it may be all around the emotional aspect to a cancer diagnosis. Maybe talking to another man who is trained as one of our Peer to Peer volunteers and has been through prostate cancer treatment would be helpful to you at this time.

You may find talking to a trained counsellor would help you to cope better with your worries and distress. Counselling is available not only to the person going through cancer treatment but also to a loved one finding it all very hard.

Maybe you or your relative’s prostate cancer is advanced and you are worried about the future & what support and services are there for you.

Maybe you are wondering about clinical trials and prostate cancer and what questions to ask your consultant.

Everybody has different concerns at this moment in time. That is why the individual approach can be of so much benefit.

Do phone our cancer nurses knowing your call is confidential.

Our freephone number is 1800 200 700. We are here Mon-Fri 9-5pm. You can also email us at or request a video call with one of our nurses.

We do hope we will hear from you-and not only during November!

Best wishes

Cancer Nurse  

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