Prostate cancer
posted by Eilish
17 February 2020

My husband has metastatic prostate cancer

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My husband, in the past two weeks, has been told he needs open heart surgery to replace a valve in his heart and has also been told that he has metastatic cancer, originally in his prostate four years ago and now in his pelvic bone region. Both conditions have me seriously worried and concerned and we still don't know which will take precedence i.e. open heart surgery or chemotherapy. He is currently taking hormone tablets with a view to getting hormone injections starting within the next week or two. Anyway, I am scared and feeling very alone, as apart from my two sons in their early twenties I have only a handful of friends and no other family. Not sure what I am asking for but would like to know and feel that I am not alone. Thanks.

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commented by eilishm
19 February 2020

1 month ago

Hi Eilish, try not to worry and take 1 step at a time. My dad is currently on hormone injections and has a heart condition and is doing very well. Xx

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