Ovarian cancer
posted by Bepositive
24 July 2018

Suspicious mri

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Hi all
I'm new here and not sure if I should even be on here! But I am worried I might have ovarian cancer. I'm hoping not of course, but in case I am diagnosed with it, I'm trying to be mentally prepared at least.

Long story short, I got mirena coil fitted in last year for my heavy periods and for contraception, but coil actually made things worse. Way more bleeding etc. Had u/s which showed a simple cyst on left ovary. Had follow up u/s to check on cyst after removal of coil not working, cyst still there but changed shape. Also uterus peppered with fibroids and something inside my left ovary. Got referral to see private gynocologist, he thought the something in my ovary is a fibroma. Not too concerned. Lining of endo I'll defined and thick.
My doctor suggested hysteroscopy and do biopsy of womb. And if all is good there then we could look into hysterectomy as I'm finished with having children and my mother and grandmother had to have hysterectomy as well in their 40s due to problematic fibroids.
I agreed to this. He sent me for blood test ca125. It was 96. Doctor not concerned because of the fibroids. I mentioned to him that I have difficulty emptying my bladder at night and he said fibroids can do that. He also sent me for a pelvic MRI.

I've had the MRI, and the hysteroscopy/d&c. On day of surgery, my doctor told me he got the results of MRI. No free fluid shown in MRI but left ovary has something solid in it and radiologists can't say what it is. It is painful before during and after period there. I also have trouble eating asuch as I used to. I get bloated every day the last two months but only after eating and can be quite painful too. But I know there's no fluid so that's good.
My doctor is sending my MRI report to mater hospital for second opinion. A team who specialise in ovarian cancers. And he said if they think it's something sinister, then they will take over. I'm currently waiting on biopsy results of hysteroscopy too.
I'm 42, and I feel I'm over thinking it or worrying unnecessarily, but at same time, I'm trying to be prepared just in case.

It is more than likely nothing to be worried about, but just wanted to check if anyone else has had similar experience that they can share with me?


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commented by Irish Cancer Society
27 July 2018

5 years ago

Dear BePositive,

Thank you for taking the time to share your recent experiences. I understand that this must be a very worrying time for you. Writing through your feelings and worries can be a helpful way to cope. It is very natural to feel worried when having tests and waiting for results. If you would like to speak to a nurse, please do not hesitate the contact our Nurseline on 1800 200 700. We are here Monday to Friday 0900-1700 and would be very happy to speak to you in more detail.

Best wishes,

Cancer nurse.

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