Ovarian cancer
posted by E_14
14 October 2017


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I'm new here and very frightened by what is happening to me and how it is being (not) dealt with,
I have a pain in my right ovary(severe)
Also now in my left ovary
(not as severe), I'm exhausted and no amount of sleep seems to help, I'm constantly going to the bathroom as my bladder is now always full, I have a shooting type pain in my back passage when I try to have a BM during a period which are now quite hectic,
I have lower abdominal pain and the pain in my back is actually crippling me
I have had an ovarian cyst before so I am aware of how that feels,
My mother had ovarian cancer and some other members of my family,also some other cancers,
I have been to my GP many times over the past 6/8 weeks as the severity of what is happening is increasing rather rapidly,
The only examination I have had, is a urine test to rule out pregnancy and infection (3 times) also had my stomach felt (over my clothes)
Referral letter has been written and sent to consultant which I followed up only to be told I am on a waiting list and it's just over a year for an appointment,
I'm not allowed to see the Dr privately as I don't have medical insurance and I can't pay for it as it would "mess up the system should I need follow up treatment" I'm not a doctor, however I do know my own body and something is very wrong and getting worse almost daily,
I would appreciate any help/advice that anyone can give me, as realistically I don't think I will be around for any appointment I "a year or so"
Thank you



commented by Irish Cancer Society
17 October 2017

5 years ago

Hi ,

Thank you for contacting us regarding your worry about ovarian cancer. It is a very distressing time for you. In light of the complexity of your history , I may be better able to support you if we if you could phone the Cancer Nurseline on 1800200700.

Kind Regards

commented by Pauline Crowle…
22 March 2018

4 years ago

Hi ,i was diagnosed in November 17 ,my stomach balloned ,you could say i was like a pregant women ,aches in my back ,got to the point i couldnt get out of bed ,now i know it was a build up of fluid from my overian Tumor ,no dont wait my advice go private if you feel your not listened too especially a history of cancer,dont worry about messing things up with the system that will rectify it self ,once your diagnosed ,they cant let u go with no treatment wishing you all the best keep us updated

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