Ovarian cancer
posted by SM_2020
03 January 2021

Genetic testing

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Hi everyone,

My Mum was recently diagnosed with advanced ovarian cancer and her oncologist recommended genetic testing. Bloods for this were sent off for lab assessment a few months ago but no results yet.

Has anyone has experience of this? I'm very anxious, obviously caring for Mum but also worried about possibility that there's a genetic element to her illness too, raising my risk.

Anyone know about time frame for test results, full process etc?



commented by Kathleen
04 January 2021

1 year ago

Hi SM_2020,

I am sorry to hear about your mother's diagnosis.

I had this genetic test a few years ago for BRCA. It took something like 6 - 8 months. Apparently databases all over the world are involved and even in today's world this takes time.

If her test is positive you would need to have a test too in order to determine whether you have the gene.

If her test is negative then what I was told was that if for example your mother's cancer was diagnosed when she was 50, then you should start screening when you get to 45. Not that there is specific screening for ovarian cancer but you could for example have regular pelvic ultrasound tests.

I hope this helps


commented by Kathleen
04 January 2021

1 year ago

Hi again,

I forgot to say that they call you when the results are available and ask you in to explain the results. Even in my case where the test was negative they insisted that I had to have someone to accompany me.


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