Lung cancer
posted by Flowerbud
19 February 2021

First oncologist meeting

Last reply: 01 March 2021 15:30

Hi, my father was diagnosed stage 3b lung cancer after Christmas, surgery and radiation are all out of the question due to the location of his tumor. We are meeting with his oncologist next week. I looking for advice on questions to ask etc? I have a journal of all his previous appointments and I am up to date with his medical history. Thanking you in advance.



commented by Sue C
28 February 2021

28 February 2021 18:38

Hi, its a tough diagnosis to get your head around, i hope you are doing ok. My mum was diagnosed 3b 4.5 years ago and whilst she is now stage 4, she is very much still here! Chemo and radiation didn't work for her so got 2 years of Immunotherapy which certainly seemed to maintain a steady level and she had a really good quality of life with it. Im sure they will talk about it with you , but worth asking about. Mind yourself, looking back on the last few years I realised i forgot to look aftermyself quite a bit, which made it much more difficult at times!


commented by Flowerbud
01 March 2021

01 March 2021 15:30

Hi Sue, thank you for your reply. We since had the meeting with his oncologist and it went very well. Daddy has be offered immunotherapy and will start soon. It seems to be the most suitable treatment for him and hopefully it wont change his life too much. How did your mother cope with the treatment? had she many side affects from it? Sorry if you think I am imposing, just nice to hear someone that has had experience with this treatment. No offense taken if you dont want to disclose this. But thanks again for replying to me.

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