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posted by SusanK
27 May 2020

Father - new diagnosis Non-small cell Lung Lancer

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Hi All,

I'm new to the forum. My dad has just recently been diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer about 3 weeks ago. sadly it has spread liver bones, brain. Prior to this he was a fit and well 66yr old.Primary indication of diagnoses was what we though was a bad chest infection(or Covid) so news came as a shock. He is home with me at the moment and we are starting radiation treatment tomorrow to tackle the brain. I'm really just looking for information from anyone who has dealt with this type of lung cancer at this stage. As i say he is relatively well at the moment just weaker and very tired all the time. He has only had 2 instances of pain(at night) days apart and in both instances pain passed after a while. We are waiting on our palliative care appointment so in the meantime i'm looking for some information on what to expect from an escalation in his pain levels. Thanks



commented by Cancer Nurse
27 May 2020

1 month ago

Hi , Thanks for posting to our community board . I am very sorry to read of your father’s sudden diagnosis of Non-small cell Lung cancer, It is an extremely distressing time for you, your Dad and your family. Perhaps we can help talk you through some the difficult questions you may have now while you care for your Dad. You can phone us on 1800 200 700  and ask to speak to a nurse. We can endeavour to support you during this difficult time. Kind regards Cancer Nurse

commented by Sue2020
06 June 2020

1 month ago

Hi there,
I’m so sorry , I’ve no real advice but I’m in a similar situation. My Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in December, he has had 6 chemo sessions so we are waiting now for a scan to see what the next step / prognosis is. He too was fit and healthy when he was diagnosed but chemo has really taken it out of him. It’s a huge shock and I’m still trying to deal with it. It’s very difficult seeing him in pain and not able to help and with Covid restrictions things are even more difficult. I hope the radiation goes ok and when you can maybe update how he is doing. Thinking of you coming

commented by tamminhduong
15 June 2020

26 days ago

Lung cancer is a dangerous disease. I hope the radiation goes ok and when you can maybe update how he is doing. Good luck to you all!!!
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