Lung cancer
posted by Aoifes
04 May 2022

Dad, Possible Lung Cancer

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Hi All

My Dad has COPD, he recently had a chest Xray that showed 'something', doctor ordered a CT scan of his Thorax and Abdomen with contrast dye and he had that this morning, they said it could take 10 days for results. I understand they are looking for cancer but my question is, has anyone gone through the same experience and tests and it turned out to be cancer?

My dad is 72 and a smoker, he is now living with me full time as he also has Dupuytrens Disease.

Any replies welcome, thank you x

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commented by libra1975
04 May 2022

04 May 2022 18:03

Hi Aoifes,
My Dad also had copd. He also had a dot on the x-ray. But it turned out to be nothing. But every time he was in hospital and they took x-rays they wanted to further investigate and we had to show them the original report showing its nothing. My father was always petrified of going to hospital because some exams that they wanted to do he would have to be flat on his back. And he wasn't able to breathe at all then.
Anyway, try and don't worry too much until you've got the results. I know its easier said than done. I hope he'll be OK

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