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posted by KarenD
24 August 2020

confused and worried

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Hi, I really need some calification.
My 76 year old Mother was diagnosed with lung cancer 2 years ago. she had 3 spots on her lung and she was treated with intense Radiation.
After the radiation (that was only done on one spot) the spot responded well.
In the last six months mum had a ct scan which showed that there are now four spots in her lungs ( the treated spot had grown again) and one in the thyroid.
She had a Pet scat Two weeks ago the the doctor phoned her with the results yesterday.
Here is where I am confused.
The doctor said that the spot on the thyroid is behaving like cancer. But if it is Thyroid cancer and if the spots on her lungs are thyroid cancer then that is good news as it can be treated with Iodine. If not then the option is chemo which my mother would not be able for as she is allergic to most meds.
How can the spots in the lung be thyroid cancer if they were there long before the one in the thyroid? and does this now mean that mum is at stage 4? I am so confused as I usually went with mum to her appointments, so I was informed of everything going on and could be prepared and knew how to help but she gets all her appoinments over the phone now.
Any help figureing this out would be so helpful.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
25 August 2020

25 August 2020 16:32

Hi KarenD,


I’m sorry to read that your mum was diagnosed with lung cancer two years ago and the confusion now after her last appointment over the phone, it can be very distressing trying to put all the information together.


Having appointments over the phone is a big change and it can be difficult to get and understand the information needed.  We would recommend to contact her doctor or their nurse specialist to discuss her results, they will have all your mums medical information to discuss the results and what they mean for your mum.  As all your mums appointments are now over the phone, perhaps it can be arranged that you can be present at the scheduled time, this way you can participate in the consultation and ask any questions that you have.  I have attached a link to our website with information and tips about phone consultations that may be helpful.


Please do not hesitate to contact our support line to speak with a cancer nurse about your situation on 1800 200 700, we can talk through what is happening with your mum and the questions that you may have for her doctors.


Kind regards

Cancer Nurse

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