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posted by GRNHL
11 December 2022

Sickness after RChop

Last reply: 19 December 2022 15:55

Hi, I'm going into my 3rd round of Chemo (RChop) for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and I have been extremely sick after my last two. I had to get admitted back into hospital the last time. Has anyone else experienced sickness like this?? im aware it's a side effect but it horrendous for me!!

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commented by Cancer Nurse
19 December 2022

19 December 2022 15:55

Dear ‘GRNHL’

Thank you for posting on our online community. I am so sorry to hear of the very distressing time you are going through. I am hoping that you will hear from others about their experiences and what helped them.

Meanwhile if you would like to speak to one of our trained volunteers through our Survivor Support programme who has had RChop for Non Hodgkins Lymphoma we could arrange this. You can phone our support line. We are all cancer nurses here Mon-Fri 9-5. We can hear from you how it has been, what helps and maybe make some suggestions you might find helpful. We would also have information regarding other supports you might find helpful at this time.

It must be so hard for you. I do hope we will hear from you. Our phone number is 1800 200 700.

Kind regards

Cancer Nurse 

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