Leukaemia, myeloma, lymphoma (blood cancers)
posted by Stephen D
18 February 2022

Polycythemia Vera Diagnosed Young.

Last reply: 5 months ago

32 Male just diagnosed with PV. Will be beginning treatment shortly (just venesections and aspirin for now). I have really frustrated feelings at the moment. On the one hand getting a diagnosis of a rare cancer makes me upset but given the straight forward nature of the treatment and largely unaffected life expectancy ( when treated) I dont feel like I have any right to complain.

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commented by libra1975
19 February 2022

5 months ago

Hi Stephen,
I think you have every right to complain, and feel frustrated and upset. It is a shock to the system to get any cancer diagnosis. Look, there will be good and bad days. Try to have a laugh now and then and stay positive. I hope all will work out well for you.

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