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posted by Terry Kav
18 December 2018

polycycthemia vera

Last reply: 01 February 2023 21:34

Im looking to talk to someone else with polycycthemia vera.



commented by Irish Cancer Society
20 December 2018

20 December 2018 16:09

I am sorry nobody has replied to you yet but hopefully someone with a polycythaemia vera will get back to you shortly. I am attaching a link to MPN voice a UK web site with information and advice that you hopefully will find useful : http://www.mpnvoice.org.uk/about-mpns/questions-about-mpns/polycythaemia-vera.aspx

Also you can call us on the Nurseline on 1800 200 700, we would be happy to speak to you.

Kind Regards

Cancer Nurse | Irish Cancer Society.
Cancer Nurseline Freephone 1800 200 700


commented by Stephen D
18 February 2022

18 February 2022 18:45

Sorry to reply to your post so long after you made it but I was just diagnosed with PV and am in the process of beginning treatment. Would be more than willing for a chat if you are still active on this. Kind Regards.

commented by Gavin
02 May 2022

02 May 2022 18:12

Hi Terry,

Not sure if I can assist you in any way, however I've been diagnosed with PV during the pandemic. If you want to reach out please do.

commented by Trevor Ryan
18 September 2022

18 September 2022 12:54

Hi im trevor diagnosed few months ago but the doctors say I've probly had pv 8 years now im up for a chat if you like

commented by Shauna
01 February 2023

01 February 2023 21:34

Hi there. I also have Polycythemia Vera. I was diagnosed two years ago. Happy to talk and I would also recommend MPN voice for regular updates and relevant content. I find their Instagram page very helpful.

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