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posted by Michael2001
21 April 2020

Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma - CBD Oil?

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Hi, My father has just been diagnosed with Peripheral T-Cell Lymphoma.

Just want to speak with anyone with similar diagnosis.
He is 69 years old and it seems to be in one node at the moment.
Starting chemo next week.
Just trying to reach out and see if anyone is in the same boat.

Also wondering about the use of CBD oil in conjunction with CHOP chemotherapy, if anyone uses CBD oil or how have they found it?

Thank you.

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commented by Cancer Nurse
26 April 2020

10 months ago

Hi Michael2001,

I’m sorry to read of your father’s recent diagnosis of Peripheral T- Cell Lymphoma, it must be very tough for you all.  I hope your father is keeping well in himself otherwise.  Understandably, many people would feel anxious and frightened before starting chemotherapy, the nurses will go through in detail with your father of what to expect and how to manage any side effects, however it is still normal to feel nervous about having treatment.  We have survivor support where your father could speak with one of our volunteers who has had lymphoma and had CHOP chemotherapy about their experiences, our volunteers have been trained to give support, practical information and reassurance for newly diagnosed patients.  There is also local cancer support centres still operational during this COVID crisis, they are offering remote services such as counselling and classes such as meditation.  We are also offering a remote counselling service free of charge for people affected by cancer and their family members.


When taking any other medication including CBD oil, your father will need to speak with his consultant first to make sure it is safe for him to take.  I have attached a link to the Macmillan cancer website with further information about CBD oil and cancer.

If you would like to speak with a cancer nurse for any information, support or advice or to access these services, please call us on 1800 200 700, we are open from 9am-8pm Monday to Thursday and 9am-5pm Friday to Sunday,


Kind Regards


Cancer Nurse

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