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posted by Imlost2019
05 January 2019

Mam has six months multiple myeloma

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Its 1.20am, ten hours since my mams consultant rang me to say that her multiple myeloma is aggressive and not responding to the treatment. She was diagnosed two years ago, had stem cell transplant and rounds of chemo but only got 11 months approx before it came back.

i have one sibling, im 40 years old and i am devastated. My husband is asleep beside me right now, my four children ( under ten) are asleep. Im here frozen since i got the call. My dad doesnt know only myself and my brother. Ive one friend in my lofe who lives 3 hours away and my mother was and is my best friend. I can breathe, i cant move. Her ldh is over 700 and six months is the max she will get.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
07 January 2019

1 year ago


I am reading you post this morning and would really like to support you in your distress during this difficult time. Can you please call me on 1800200700.

Kind Regards

Cancer Nurse

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