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posted by Claire B
23 August 2022

Biopsy results

Last reply: 24 August 2022 17:25

This is my first time posting. I had a biopsy done just over 3 weeks ago and the consultants secretary has asked me to come in this Friday for results. I wasn't advised to bring a friend with me for results. Is this generally a positive sign or could I potentially still receive bad news?
This whole journey for me started in early June. The waiting for appointments, biopsy, results etc has been incredibly stressful.
Any guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



commented by EH
24 August 2022

24 August 2022 14:11

Hard to read much into it, unfortunately. My father got an MPN diagnosis recently but his appointment letter was discouraging bringing someone with him unless he needed to. Probably a standard letter from covid times. It seemed fairly clear from his previous appointment that he had a blood disorder so he brought someone with him for biopsy results and diagnosis. No issues at all when he brought someone

commented by Claire B
24 August 2022

24 August 2022 14:57

Thank you for your reply. I do hope your father will be ok.

commented by EH
24 August 2022

24 August 2022 17:25

Thank you. Wishing you all the best.

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