Leukaemia, myeloma, lymphoma (blood cancers)
posted by LymphomaSoph
14 September 2017

Belfast lymphoma conference 4 November

The Lymphoma Association is bringing the latest in our regional series of ‘Know Your Lymphoma’ conferences to Belfast in November.

This conference will give you a great opportunity to hear the latest on lymphoma from regional lymphoma experts and ask them questions to learn more about your diagnosis. Sessions include:

What is lymphoma?
Breakout sessions: Choice of high grade lymphoma or low grade lymphoma
The psychological impact of a lymphoma diagnosis
Diet and nutrition
Patient experience
The role of exercise after a lymphoma diagnosis
Ongoing follow up, getting the best from your review appointments
New and future treatments for lymphoma
Clinical trials for lymphoma
Ask the expert panel: question and answer session with speaker faculty

Feedback from previous 'Know Your Lymphoma' conferences:
• Interesting and informative knowledge about the intricate aspects of lymphoma, it’s all quite amazing and mind boggling.
• Having never been to one of these conferences before, I am pleased to say that I have found this one to be very enjoyable and useful to me.
• A very worthwhile use of a days’ time!
• This helped me to understand my illness far more than I did when I was diagnosed. I wish I went to something like this sooner.

The webpage for the conference is www.lymphomas.org.uk/belfast and the number for the conference team is 01296 619 412 if anyone wanted to find out more or book.

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