The Lymphoma Association is bringing the latest in our regional series of ‘Know Your Lymphoma’ conferences to Belfast in November.

This conference will give you a great opportunity to hear the latest on lymphoma from regional lymphoma experts and ask them questions to learn more about your diagnosis. Sessions include:

What is lymphoma?
Breakout sessions: Choice of high grade lymphoma or low grade lymphoma
The psychological impact of a lymphoma diagnosis
Diet and nutrition
Patient experience
The role of exercise after a lymphoma diagnosis
Ongoing follow up, getting the best from your review appointments
New and future treatments for lymphoma
Clinical trials for lymphoma
Ask the expert panel: question and answer session with speaker faculty

Feedback from previous 'Know Your Lymphoma' conferences:
• Interesting and informative knowledge about the intricate aspects of lymphoma, it’s all quite amazing and mind boggling.
• Having never been to one of these conferences before, I am pleased to say that I have found this one to be very enjoyable and useful to me.
• A very worthwhile use of a days’ time!
• This helped me to understand my illness far more than I did when I was diagnosed. I wish I went to something like this sooner.

The webpage for the conference is and the number for the conference team is 01296 619 412 if anyone wanted to find out more or book.