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posted by Tired mama
21 November 2019

Should I be worried?

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I had my smear done 2 weeks ago. It was my 1st back with gp I'd had my last 2 in colposcopy clinic in tallaght. The nurse went through usual questions & I answered yes to pelvic pain & sometimes bleeding after sex. So she said see the gp. I had an appointment with gp anyway for last week so I mentioned it to her. She checked my cervix & said she could see a red spot that "She didn't like the look of" & wanted to refer me back to tallaght. I wasn't particularly concerned, things were fine last time. The doc had simply cortised an area & that was that. I was surprised to hear from tallaght a few working days later. The lady said my gp is "very concerned" about my cervix & can I come in on Monday.. what struck me was she sounded worried/ sense of urgency about her.. I felt calmer than she sounded! Unfortunately I can't go this Monday so it'll be another week.
Should I be worried? Is the fact that I've attended the colposcopy clinic before but still have syptoms a bad sign?
I might add I have fibromyalgia so have a weakened immune system. Mam had a hysterctomy when she was a year older than I am now (I'm 43) because of fibroids.
Anyone else been through something similar? Thanks

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
25 November 2019

3 years ago

Dear Tired Mama

Thank you for posting, it can be a worrying time when going for tests and waiting for results. Please call our Nurseline on 1800200700 to speak with a nurse for any advice or support.

Kind Regards

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