Cervical cancer
posted by natcerv
01 July 2020

Cervical biopsy

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Hi, I’m not sure if it’s selfish of me to use this site as I have not been diagnosed with cancer. I am just having a lot of trouble getting any answers and I hoped perhaps someone here could help me. I had been experiencing bad back pain almost like the beginning of labour pain for a few months and have had one instance of irregular mid cycle bleeding. In Jan of this year I went to the doctor who, due to my family history referred me to get a abdominal scan which came back clear. I had had a smear in April 2018 which came back negative HPV and negative abnormal cells but due to my symptoms the doctor wanted to look at my cervix and when she looked she said it was red and inflamed so she referred me for a colposcopy. I went for the appointment last Thursday and expected them to say everything was fine but instead said that there was HPV present on my cervix despite the negative result and then they took a biopsy. I am beyond scared as I don’t know why I would have a negative result but actually have HPV and would that mean that it was missed and could be progressing for years? I appreciate any replies. Thank you so much.



commented by Cancer Nurse
09 July 2020

2 years ago


I am so sorry to read of the anxious time you are going through. Would you ring our cancer Nurseline to discuss this further. There are a number of factors that we could discuss including your age/family history and previous smear tests results and I hope that you would find it helpful to speak to a cancer nurse. Our number is 1800 200 700 Mon-Friday 9-5pm.

Kind Regards,

Cancer Nurse

commented by Banshee Mandy
13 July 2020

2 years ago

I am feeling what you are feeling. I'm on week two of the wait. Ive been keeping insanely busy but tonight it got hold of me. I don't know how to keep going through this wait, my stomach is in knots. The helplessness is horrendous, sending you a big hug

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