Cervical cancer
posted by Lmullin
18 January 2020

Advise needed

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I had my first smear last August and in October the results came back that i had abnormalities and HPV positive. I was sent to have a colposcopy exam in December. I was asked questions and I expressed how I have pain in my pelvis and abnormal bleeding (bleeding and pain after sex). 2 biopsys were taken and I recieved the results on Monday that it is CIN 3 and I will need LLETS treatment. However, I expressed the pain in my pelvis is now constant and I really have concern that I can feel something in my pelvis/abdomin area. Also bleeding after intercourse is worsening. The colposcopy clinic told me to contact my gp. My gp done an internal exam and said my cervix was red and I had alot of tenderness in abdomin. She sent me to A&E department in the same hospital I had my colposcopy. They checked my urine and blood pressure and all was normal. The doctor then done a quick internal exam and said yes it was red but not actively bleeding so she wouldn't worry about it. I asked what I was going to do about the pain and she said go home and take paracetamol... I rang the colposcopy clinic the following day asking if I could be put on a cancelation list for LLETS procedure. I was told no and that my procedure would be sometime the end of March and that I would get a letter with date in due course. I rang my gp yesterday as pain is still there and I'm beginning to get very concerned. She is sending me for CT scan next week. I feel like no one is taking me seriously and I know my own body and I know there is something wrong. I am left waiting until March for my treatment and there is nothing I can do about it. Has anyone else been in this position where they feel lost and let down by the health care in Ireland? I have to pay privately for the CT scan but I don't know what else to do.

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commented by Irish Cancer Society
20 January 2020

2 years ago

Dear Lmullin

I am very sorry to read of the distressing time you are going through. It sounds like your GP is advising and supporting you through this and told you to go to the A&E and is now sending you for a CT scan. She will advise you what to do next based on the scan but if you would find it helpful to speak to a cancer nurse here you can phone us on 1800 200 700.

Kind regards

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